MFG Chemical Incorporated is privately held and has been in business for over 30 years. The MFG Chemical Corporate Office at Kimberly Park is located in North Georgia with three manufacturing sites and a Technical Center.

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  MFG offers an extensive variety of chemistries to toll and custom manufacturing clients. Acylation Alkylation Amidation Blending Bromination Carboxylation Esterification Formylation Oxidation Phosphation Free Radical Polymerization Polycondensation Quaternization Saponification Sulfonation Transamidation Transesterifacation

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  The following is a list of reactors in service at MFG. The reactors are distributed across three plants in Dalton, GA. All plants are equipped with molten maleic anhydride, vacuum, nitrogen, and deionized water; two plants have hot oil. MFG also maintains a pilot facility. Principal Analytical Instruments at our Technical Center include:

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